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Sunday, 01 December 2013 17:51

US Open Sanda Challenge Match & " Shaolin Team Pack" Show

Presented by Shaolin Institute


To celebrate Sanda/Sashou making its way to the US, Shaolin Institute, hosts US Open Challenge 2013 Sanda Testing Match for all Kung Fu Tai Chi or Gong Fu, Karate and Sanda martial artists on December 14th night, 6:00 p.m. at Best Friend Gym in Norcross GA, in search for the future K. Superstar.

In celebration of the ancient Shaolin martial arts, Sanda/Sanshou, Shaolin Institute- be hosting a US Open Challenge Test for all Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Gong Fu, Karate and Sanda/Sanshou martial artists on December 14th at 6:00 p.m. at Best Friend Gym, 6224 Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Norcross 30071. This event will kick off the K Superstar Search being conducted around the world.

Sanda is an amalgamation of several ancient Shaolin martial arts; Kung Fu or Gong Fu, Boxing, Tai-Chi, combat Shuaijiao, and Qinna, making it a very unique martial art combat form, It powerfully integrates the body and mind in the masterful execution of ancient combat forms, and fighting techniques.

Shaolin and Tai Chi Kung Fu techniques combined with rigorous Sanda training produces athletes with superior mind/body awareness, heightened senses, great strength, incredible speed, and agility, like Sanda champion Cung Le (

“US Open Challenge is part of US Open International Martial Arts Championship Committee organization governing body who makes the rules and establishes the guidelines by which all Sanda martial artists are tested,” said the Grand Master of Sanda, Liu Xiangyang (aka: Shi DeRu).

“In a Sanda sparring match, Master Liu points out, athletes must use their intuition, mental acuity, and strategies in skills to creatively overcome obstacles while harnessing the incredible power that comes from a conscious awareness of their mind and body at all times, in order to anticipate combat moves and conquer their opponent.

According to Master Liu, this testing is the initiation of future US Open series offers top Sanda athletes the opportunity to face off against some of the best Sanda martial artists in the world.

Each Campus of the Shaolin Institute teams will present a “ Shaolin Team Pack” show to express  their oneness on the team pack coordination, unity and efficient team action as well as the leadership ability. In the show, they will apply Shaolin Zen, Tai Gong Meditation and openness of mind action and freedom of Gong Fu to free the mind restrictions and facilitates balance and freedom of tremendous Qi flow.

Shaolin Kung Fu techniques combined with rigorous Sanda training produces athletes with superior body mind awareness, extra senses, strength, speed, skills and agility.


This testing match uses the combined rules and regulations of international Sanshou/Sanda skills which includes kicks, strikes, intercepts, grapples and throws (ground arm locks in Qinna is allowed for 10 second in Max); and also includes wearing appropriate head and body protection and standard

“Sanda sparring is like overcoming life challenges, you learn as you fight your way one by one to dissolve and resolve. To empower yourself and find greatest potential within, you must experience test of challenges and difficulties laid in front of you so that you will endlessly increase your ability like the law of attraction,” Grand Master Shi DeRu.


The event agenda is as follows:

Daytime Venue: Shaolin Institute, 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Norcross, GA

10:00 am – Kung Fu individual competition and testing

11:30 am - 4:00 pm Sanda preliminaries

3:00 pm - 4:00 Preliminary Shaolin Kung Fu Team Pack Matches


Evening Venue: (Performance & Finals): B.F. Gym 6224 Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Norcross 30071.

6:00 pm Shaolin Legacy: Kung Fu Team Challenge

7:00 pm Sanda/Sanshou Continuous Match Finals

About Shaolin Institute and the Event: The institute is the largest private institute of its kind outside China, teaching total martial arts of traditional Shaolin, modern MMA, Oriental Culture, Arts and Natural Healing. It is a total health-wellness and health education system led by Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeRu (ask: Shawn Liu Xiangyang).


Since its inception in early 1990s, there have been over 30 US Open Challenges in Sanshou/Sanda fighting events held in the US, apart from 12 of US Open International Martial Arts Championships and 8 professional Art of War Sanda international tournaments sponsored by Shaolin Institute and sanctioned by


US Open Sanshou/Sanda is unlike any sports as it will incorporate the full body with greater freedom, using all styles of combat skills. It is a very exciting combat match. Fighters are allowed to apply techniques of punch, kick, knee, throw, intercept and grapple. In Sanda or MMA world, one should never underestimate the ability or tenacity of a Shaolin trained athlete. Their difficult training fully equips them to rise to meet any challenge, regardless of circumstances.  Cung Le is certainly one of the superior Sanda/Sanshou athletes representing the total grasp of Sanda essence in skills and ability.

The future US Open International Martial Arts Championships,  Challenge and US Open X. S. - Art of War fighting show launches - “Bringing the ancient arts into the modern day ring” - not only promoting the ancient sporting competition but also a spirited competition, friendship and mind & body fitness. Our future tournaments offer the best fighters from the United States and around the world an opportunity to test their skills, determination and to examine their deep personal commitment to excellence.


Shaolin Institute ‘s Legacy Team has performed all over the world and will join Atlanta Winter Wonderland, to perform Shaolin Legacy Show under the theme title of “One Breath” on the night of December 6th and 26th, 2013.

This article is Sponsored by Shaolin Chan foundation and Shaolin Institute. For full story of this article: or 770-286-980

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US Open Challenge

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 18:15

Meet The Challenge

Shaolin Grandmaster Shi DeRu (Master Shawn Liu) with his leading performers Li Qiang, Shi Zhong Qin, Chen Zhe along with his world famous, “Shaolin Legacy Show” team will perform clips of Shaolin Legacy show with the theme of “Meet The Challenge” along with other individual and group performances


Norcross –Duluth–The LIU International Shaolin Institute students along with nationally acclaimed, “Shaolin Legacy Show” team will perform clips from it’s full-length, world famous production with the special theme “Meet The Challenge at Norcross Give West High School gym at 7:00 PM on the night of December 8th 2012.

Shaolin masters, like Grandmaster Shi DeRu, are world renowned for their unrivaled excellence in Martial Arts. Shaolin culture has produced world champion martial arts competitors and superbly trained athletes rich in discipline, integrity and honor. These athletes exemplify the Shaolin mind-set, while preserving a way of life and state of being that originated 15,000 years ago in the Henan Province of China, at the Shaolin Temple, where it lives on to this day.

“Meet The Challenge” depicts the cultural, life lessons, and tradition of Shaolin people, and their remarkable ability to harness the ‘life force’ or “Qi” to meet the challenges of life with extraordinary self-control, discipline, compassion, and integrity. It tells the story of a group of Kung Fu students traveling with the traditional Shaolin characters, “The Magnificent Five” on a life-long journey, during which, like all of us, they are faced with seemingly insurmountable difficulties and obstacles. Every challenge we meet is won or lost by our body and mind before we even embark on the journey. “Meet The Challenge” demonstrates how superior control over mind and body is all that is necessary to meet and exceed any challenge we are faced with.

This inspirational performance will appeal to audiences of all ages and from all walks of life because its message is universal. While demonstrating, through captivating choreography, the art of expertly performed Kung Fu, and immersing the audience through the story-line in the values and wisdom imparted by the ancient Shaolin Temple Masters; discipline, self-control, character and integrity; “Meet The Challenge” promises to deliver to its audience a visually stunning depiction of cultural and personal enlightenment. The moral of the story is timeless and one for the ages. “Life represents the Qi of the universe,” says Master DeRu. “Let’s be free, discover and flow with Qi and with nature, summoning the best of ourselves to meet the challenges in life, in ways that benefit and empower us.”

This Shaolin Legacy ” Meet The Challenge” is a true East-West Cultural Show which expresses the multicultural Atlanta Asian community.



Sponsored by

Sunday, 17 July 2011 19:22

US Open Martial Arts Fighting Challenge Featuring
US vs China

2011 US Open Martial Arts Fighting Challenge featuring US vs China will be held in Denton Gym on
3800 Pleasant Valley Road, Mobile, Al 36609 on August 20, 2011.

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 17:10

Coach Jie Li a world Sanshou fighting champion and fighting coach in Sanshou Kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai from Beijing, China will host seminars and workshops under the direction of grand master Shi DeRu. The seminars are scheduled in Atlanta, Mobile, and New Orleans. He will join the full-time Shaolin Cultural Fellowship/Apprentice Warrior Training program starting on July 9th with 8-day and 8-night intensive Shaolin Warrior Training on Shaolin Institute Atlanta Campus.

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 17:10

Atlanta, GA- May 28, 2011 -- The Life Intelligence University (LIU) International Preparation Committee along with Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute will host a Shaolin Warrior Disciple Contest Training Camp for the next top generation Shaolin disciples. The Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute officially starts the Shaolin Apprentice first round selection in early July for Shaolin Warrior Disciple Contest Training Camp Next Top Generation. All the selection will be held at Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute, Atlanta Campus. 


The Selection for the apprentice applicants for the next top generation disciples will be based on the following criteria:


       Devotion to Shaolin and Chan Living

       Shaolin Wisdom and Cultural Academics

       Traditional Internal and External Kungfu Inner Ability and Skills

       Traditional Shaolin Weapon Skills

       Shaolin Kungfu Sanshou/Sanda Combat Skills

       Kungfu Qin Na and Shuaijiao Skills

       Mental and Physical Conditioning (with minimum level of the Navy SEALS) 

       Character, Personality Leadership Ability and Communication Skills


Shaolin Apprentice Applicants will begin their first training test in an eight-day and eight-night Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training Camp which runs from July 9th - July 16th.  The camp requires full-time on-site boarding. This special training camp is also available for anyone who is intrigued by high level Shaolin discipline, and is willing to meet tougher life challenges.


 “This Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training Camp is only for those who are devoted to the true essence of Martial Arts-Shaolin Way and willing to travel an extra mile in life challenges.” explains a manager of the Institute,  “The applicants must not only be interested in personal safety, combat skills, but have leadership personality, good character and indomitable spirit.”


The full-time Shaolin Apprentice Warrior Training Camp starts the three-month training test with the initial 8-day and 8-night intensive training. A few Shaolin Kungfu apprentice warriors who are selected will continue to the pre-discipleship training for final Shaolin discipleship selection designed for future instructors and masters enabling them to become the next top generation of Shaolin warrior disciples.


The Shaolin Apprentices in the Discipleship program will study directly under the two descendants of the original Shaolin family, DeYang and DeRu who themselves were close disciples of the Great Grandmaster of the generation from the Shaolin Temple, China Shi SuXi.  It is a very rare opportunity for any serious martial artist or Kungfu master to study with them.


There are other two-month youth and adult summer training camps available to all levels of Kungfu or any other styles of martial artists. During these two- month-long training camps, students will have an opportunity to train at the Shaolin Temple and other institutions in China with a few other well known masters in addition to studying with the two original Shaolin Temple Family Grand Masters.


Students in the part-time Shaolin youth training camp without boarding (available to all ages) will focus on the true original Shaolin youth training experience. They may choose five weeks training in total starting from June 6. This training is also available on a week to week basis.


There will also be other Shaolin Kungfu instructors and Masters training program for qualified students. Every camp student will be given the opportunity to experience the two weeks Shaolin Pre-Disciple Warrior Training at the Shaolin Temple in China from July 17 to August 2, depending on the number of full time camp registrants.


Full & partial scholarships are available on a limited basis for those qualified candidates who meet the requirements of either academic-character scholarship or financial-character scholarship.  Please contact the Shaolin Institute for more details (contact information below).


Grand Master Shi Deru has passed down not only the knowledge of Shaolin wisdom and martial skills, but the benefits of Shaolin life skills which he is passing on to each and every student through his knowledgeable instructors. Grand Master Shi DeRu is one of the two renowned 31st Generation Descendants of the Shaolin Temple. He was introduced by China Central TV (CCTV) International Networks (sports channel 5, educational channel 10 and international Chinese channel 4) in their six film documentary series about his life:


“The Shaolin Legend Fighting Warrior Monk, Shi DeRu (Shawn Liu), The Father of Kung Fu Sanda for America”. 


Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute is directly derived from the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China which is the cradle of all martial arts, and is committed to teaching original Shaolin wisdom as has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 1,500 years.  Through the wisdom of Chan, Confucianism and Taoism combined with the discipline of traditional Kung Fu, the Shaolin Institute offers age-appropriate curriculum in: Shaolin Culture, Shaolin Kung-Fu (Gong Fu), Tai Chi (Taiji Quan), Qigong, Tai Gong (for Natural Healing) and Chan (Zen) Meditation. The mission of the institute is to empower and enlighten everyone who comes to the institute so as to assist them in conquering life’s challenges.


As Shi DeRu has expressed: “Life is not easy; To be warrior in life is even more challenging. Shaolin apprentice training here is only for those who are willing to face their fears and have the courage to rise above them.”  

Many world class Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Kungfu Sanshou/Sanda international champions have trained here at Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute.  Just mention a few of the well known names: Cung Le, a Strikeforce Champion, Patrick Barry, one of the best Heavyweight UFC Strikers in the world, Li Jie Sanda King of China and world Sanda champion, and Wael Karika Muhammed, a world Sanda champion with a MMA record of 6 wins and 0 loses, as well as many other international and national champions such as Melvin Guillard, Aaron Honeycutt, Juan Zarate, Dustin Carbajal, Robert Pritchett, Mike Altman, K.J. Noon, Kevin Nguyen, Robert Higginbotham, Li Qiang, Shi Zhong Qin, Steve Dang, Ruddi Ott, Max Chen, Albert Pope, and David Sanders.

All of these individuals have either trained professionally or started their martial arts or MMA careers here under Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeRu (Master Shawn Liu.).

For more information please contact the institute at:

Phone:770-286-9808; Email: or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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