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USASKF Mission Statement

The USA Sanshou & Kungfu Federation serves to promote the study of the Chinese arts of Kungfu and Sanshou/Sanda in the US and around the world.

The federation will provide all Kungfu and Sanshou practitioners a highly recognized international platform to test their strength, skills, emotional fortitude, and courage in a well regulated forum that allows each individual to compete safely, while pushing their abilities to their limits. At the same time, the forum will create an environment of good sportsmanship, integrity, and mutual respect for everyone to thrive.

The federation, in addition to using tournaments and professional matches to promote Sanshou/Sanda, will also promote the teaching of applications of internal and external Kung Fu in order to help preserve the art and encourage personal safety.

As a federation, we will promote the traditional amateur Lei Tai Sanshou as well as the semi pro and professional Sanda fights in a modern ring. The Federation will promote both tournament and single match events. To improve the quality of Sanshou, The Federation will:

* Support, publicize and sanction events throughout the country.

* Train both fighters, coaches and officials nationwide.

* Provide certifications to national and local level coaches and judges for recognition

* Keep all fighters' fight records

* Keep all judges updated on current rules and regulations

* Give rankings to international and national fighters as well as the regional level.

* Standardize Sanshou events around the country, establishing divisions from C thru A+.

* Establish Sanshou circuit locally and nationally.

* Establish a fund raising and sponsorship system to get funds for athletes, coaches and officials

* Establish scholarships for amateur athletes.

* Establish Sanshou and Sanda networks world wide

* Set up national and international events at least once a year.