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Saturday, 30 July 2011 11:19

History of the US Open

Since its inception, US Open International Martial Arts Championship has had 12 international Sanshou amateur and professional Art of War fighting main events with full International Martial Arts Championship tournament which include all aspects of martial arts both internal and external. The US Open has also hosted more than 10 fighting only US Open MA Fighting Challenges.

From the center stage at US Open International Martial Arts Championships, some of the best Sanda/Sanshou  K-1, UFC and other MMA fighters started their amateur and/or professional fighting careers, including:

Cung Le “The Technician”, US Open International MA Champion and Strikeforce with Elite XC middle weight World Champion,;

K.J. Noon “KO Artist”, K. Superstar, a US Open International MA Champion, Elite XC World Champion;

Patrick Barry "H.D" K. Superstar World Champion at US Open International Martial Arts Championships;

Melvin Guilard, “The Young Assassin”  UFC fighter won silver medal in 2003 US Open national team trial and the 2004 US Open International Martial Arts Championship title in light weight;

Li Jie Sanshou World Cup Champion and Sanda King of China;

Wael Karika World Sanshou Champion,

The US Open-Art of War Sanda/Sanshou fighting challenge links to thousands of years of skill training from the Shaolin Temple. The Temple itself has been portrayed as a captivating legacy in many movies such as Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon", Jet Li's "Shaolin Temple", “Forbidden Kingdom” and "Tai Chi Master", various Jackie Chan movies and as the central theme for David Carradine's TV Show "Kung Fu". Even the most recent popular kid’s cartoon movies Kungfu Panda 1 and Kungfu Panda 2 link to the story of Shaolin training.

The Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of all martial arts practiced in the world today and it is safe to say that Shaolin represents the “original martial art”.  The origins of Kungfu found its way through time to the modern sport arena as SANSHOU/SANDA, a full body professional standing fight incorporating every aspect of Kung Fu including kicks, punches, grabs, grappling, throws and interceptions. It is unlike any other fighting sport. It demands incredible mental strategy and physical strength, making it the most exciting combat sport existing in the world today.

In early1990s, the LIU International brought Shaolin Kungfu fighting to the US at the 1st US Open International Chinese Martial Arts Championship held in Mobile Alabama.  We called it Kungfu Sanshou which means Kungfu free fighting.  It is, essentially, Kung Fu fighting in a ring format. Sanshou (aka: Sanda) is the most exciting form of Kung Fu application and the most exciting standing fight existing as a sport today.  The Chinese fighting styles are over 3000 years old, having begun in the Ancient Chinese Military. The Shaolin Temple monks then adapted and vastly improved the fighting styles, intersecting them with the internal studies and movements known as Shaoin Nei Gong later developed into today’s Tai Chi and Qigong such as Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade, Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. The Shaolin monks at first used these fighting applications during times of mountain forest survival and in warfare, and then continued to adapt them as a moving meditation to enhance internal energy, further developing them for sport and demonstrating the Kung Fu martial arts. In America, we refer to it as "Bringing the ancient arts into the modern day ring".  Continuing the trend to adapting these martial arts with current times, the US Open International Martial Arts Championship has now incorporated and included certain rules of MMA and Muay Thai styles. This now gives birth to the US Open Xtreme Sanda (X.S.).

US Open Xtreme Sanda is unlike any fight as it will incorporate the full body with greater freedom, using all styles of combat skills. It is a very exciting combat show.  Fighters are allowed to punch, kick, throw, grapple, knee, strike, intercept and wrestle. The rules are very simple, because it is a sport utilizing extreme strategy and endurance skills. Safety must be of supreme concern in such a combat sport - any intention of injuring another fighter is grounds for automatic disqualification.

This fighting challenge is never about intentional pain but rather about the display of martial art skill and strategy and a fighter's ability to detect and recognize an opponent's energy and motion.  Live audiences have displayed a high level of engagement in these events.

We have hosted many professional Sanshou/Sanda  (both live and TV production) shows in the past 10 years around the world. CCTV of China produced over 50 episodes of Sanda pro fights in China (over 300 million viewers/week), and we have produced more than 10 of them in the US, eight of which were US Open-Art of War Professional Sanshou/Sanda shows. Other TV Networks including ESPN has shown Sanshou fight numerous times in the US.  Currently the only professional Extreme Sanda has been produced by the US Open International Martial Arts Championship with its Art of War Xreme Sanda fighting show. 

The US Open X.S.-Art of War TV fighting show- “Bringing the ancient arts into the modern day ring” -  is not only promoting the ancient sporting competition but also a spirited competition, friendship and mind & body fitness.  Our tournaments offer the best fighters from the United States and around the world an opportunity to test their skills, determination and to examine their deep personal commitment to excellence.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Master DeRu at daytime phone number 251-662-3225, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

US Open promo video for August 20th 2011 competition.

Special Recognitions to some of the best fighters in the world who fought here at US Open International Sanshou

MMA Champion World Sanshou Bronze medalist Cung Le, who started his Sanshou career in Alabama, has won three US Open International Champion titles.

UFC fighter & World Sanshou Silver Medalist, Patrick Barry has won three times US Open-K. Superstar US and K. Superstar World Champion Titles. This is where he started his professional fighting career.

UFC fighter Melvin Guilard won silver in 150 light weight category at 2003 US Open International Martial Arts US National Sanshou team trial fighting division and the 2004 US Open
International Martial Arts Championship Sanshou title.

K. J.  Noon International Sanshou & MMA Champion fighter won twice international K. Superstar professional light weight titles at Arts of War in the US Open International Martial Arts Championship Sanshou division.

Wael Karika Muhammed World Sanshou Champion, Africa Sanshou Champion and  undefeated MMA Champion won 2007 US Open International Sanshou Champion.

Sanda King of China and first Sanshou/Sanda World Cup Champion Li Jie won the 2004 US Open International Martial Arts Championship-K. Superstar in Art of War main event by defeating UFC fighter Rich Clementi.

Edwardo Fujihira World Sanshou Champion & Brazil Sanshou Champion won the 2003 K. Superstar International Champion Title in US Open International Martial Arts Championship at one of main events in Art of War professional Sanshou fights.

Many of the previous Sanshou Champions of US Open International Martial Arts Championship and Art of War K. Superstars have become national fighting champions in many other international tournaments.

Rudi Ott US Sanshou team member, ISAK world Champion & US National Sanshou Champion.

Aaron Honeycutt world Sanshou Bronze medalist, International Kuo Shu Champion & US Sanshou National Champion.

Thomas Diagne European Sanshou Champion& MMA fighter.

Al Lorieux, US Sanshou team member, World Sanshou Silver Medalist and US Sanshou National Champion.

Marvin Parry International Sanshou Champion.

Albert Pope World Sanshou Beonze Medalist, US Sanshou National Champion.

David Sanders international Sanshou Silver medalist & US Sanshou National Champion.

Robert Pritchett International, Pan American & US Sanshou National heavy weight champion.

Max Chen World Sanshou Bronze Medalist, International and US Sanshou Champion, has won US Open 2001 champion in light weight.

Scott Sheeley MMA fighter & US National Sanshou Champion.

Sally Krumdiack a well-known MMA & Muay Thai fighter.

Mike Norman US Sanshou National Team Member and US National Sanshou Champion 3rd Place in World Cup.

Russell Middleton US Sanshou team member, International Sanshou Champion and US National Sanshou Champion.

Jose E. Palacios US Sanshou Champion.

John Dixon well known MMA fighter, International Kickboxing champion & Sanshou international champion.

NDaba, US Sansou National Team Member, US Kuo Shu Fighting Champion and National Sanshou Champion.

MMA Fighter and Sanshou Champion fighter and Coach Mike Altman.

Ruslan Adryuschenko Earopean Sanshou Champion & Russia Sanshou Champion,
Andre Assis Brazil Sanshou Champion, just list a few.

Many other well known US & International Sanshou, Muay Thai and MMA fighters and martial arts coaches have fought or participated in the US Open International Sanshou:


Jason Yee World Sanshou Bronze Medalist, US Sanshou Champion & one of  the best US Sanshou coaches.

Van Do Milnes, K-1 Fighter and fought at Art of War.

James Cooper US Sanshou team member, International Sanshou Champion and US Sanshou Champion.

US National Sanshou Champion fighter & Coach Brent Hamby.

UFC fighter Rich Clementi and a MMA champ.

Shidokan Open Champion and MMA fighter, Jeral Bowman.

Many of our local US MMA or Muay Thai fighters have also fought at the US Open either as professional or amateur Sanshou Fighters:

Steve Dang from New Orleans, US Muay Thai light weight Champion.

MMA fighters Kevin Brooks.

Southest Professional Muay Thai kickboxing Champion Marshall Burger.

MMA fighter Johnathan Ivey.

MMA Fighter Harris Norwood, MMA Fighter from Atlanta.

Steve Headden, Atlanta MMA Fighter.

Other fighters

Juan Zarate US Open National Sanshou Champion, USWKF International
Azad Internaitonal Sanshou Champion
Sanshou Champion and USWKF National Sanshou Champion
Danny Hoyer, Holland Sanshou Champion
Josh Bartholomew, US Sanhou Champion
Gelet Luc, US Sanshou Champion
Frederico Capasso, Venezuela Sanshou Champion,

Lance Fousselle,
Courtney Bordelon,
Dustin Carbajal,
Anne Callias,
Adam Verrett,
Andy Ngo,
Leon Ngo

Hundreds of more have participated US Open Sanshou Fights
Some of the well known promoter and judges have always given their fullest support to the US Open for decades such as Mike Barry, Gary Utterback, Thai Yim, Lily Lau, Nick Scrima, Denise Brown, and Garland Johnson.

Sunday, 17 July 2011 19:22

US Open Martial Arts Fighting Challenge Featuring
US vs China

2011 US Open Martial Arts Fighting Challenge featuring US vs China will be held in Denton Gym on
3800 Pleasant Valley Road, Mobile, Al 36609 on August 20, 2011.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009 20:38


Shaolin Legacy Show & Seminars for St. Jude to Raise Funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®


Contact: Susan Chan/Grand Master Liu

Phone Number: 678-300-8031

Atlanta, GA, (May 2nd 2009) – A Special Event for St. Jude will be gearing up on May 2nd 2009 at 1:30 PM at 4350 Peachtree Industrial BLVD, Norcross, GA. The event will raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, the premier center for the research and treatment of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.


“St. Jude is the leader in the fight against catastrophic childhood diseases such as leukemia, brain tumors and sickle cell disease,” said Grand Master Liu, coordinator of the event. “Through events like this one, the city of Atlanta and Norcross will be supporting the St. Jude mission of finding cures and saving children from across the country and around the world.”

Tuesday, 21 April 2009 20:37

For Immediate Release

Tai Chi & Qigong Seminar and Workshops to Raise Funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®

Contact: Susan Chan/Grand Master Liu

Phone Number: 678-300-8031

Atlanta, GA, (May 2nd 2009) – A Special Tai Chi-Qigong Seminar and Workshop for St. Jude will be gearing up on May 2nd 2009 at 3:30 PM after the Shaolin Legacy Show at 4350 Peachtree Industrial BLVD, Norcross, GA. The seminars and workshops are designed for all the peoples seeking for healthy bodies and healthy minds naturally. The event will raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, the premier center for the research and treatment of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

Friday, 29 August 2008 20:30

Invitation to the US Open Martial Arts Championship

Dear Competitors, Instructors, Coaches and Masters,


I, on behalf of Grand Master Deru (Shawn Liu) and Deyang the Chairman of the tournament committee, East West Cultural Exchange Foundation and Atlanta Asian Community, would like to cordially invite you and your school to participate a the XII US Open International Martial Arts Championship and Asian Cultural Festival which will be featuring K. Superstar World Championship-Art of War VII Extreme Sanshou.  This is the professional main event (Nov. 8th night) of the weekend, which will be covered by national and international networks.


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