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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 17:10

Atlanta, GA- May 28, 2011 -- The Life Intelligence University (LIU) International Preparation Committee along with Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute will host a Shaolin Warrior Disciple Contest Training Camp for the next top generation Shaolin disciples. The Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute officially starts the Shaolin Apprentice first round selection in early July for Shaolin Warrior Disciple Contest Training Camp Next Top Generation. All the selection will be held at Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute, Atlanta Campus. 


The Selection for the apprentice applicants for the next top generation disciples will be based on the following criteria:


       Devotion to Shaolin and Chan Living

       Shaolin Wisdom and Cultural Academics

       Traditional Internal and External Kungfu Inner Ability and Skills

       Traditional Shaolin Weapon Skills

       Shaolin Kungfu Sanshou/Sanda Combat Skills

       Kungfu Qin Na and Shuaijiao Skills

       Mental and Physical Conditioning (with minimum level of the Navy SEALS) 

       Character, Personality Leadership Ability and Communication Skills


Shaolin Apprentice Applicants will begin their first training test in an eight-day and eight-night Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training Camp which runs from July 9th - July 16th.  The camp requires full-time on-site boarding. This special training camp is also available for anyone who is intrigued by high level Shaolin discipline, and is willing to meet tougher life challenges.


 “This Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training Camp is only for those who are devoted to the true essence of Martial Arts-Shaolin Way and willing to travel an extra mile in life challenges.” explains a manager of the Institute,  “The applicants must not only be interested in personal safety, combat skills, but have leadership personality, good character and indomitable spirit.”


The full-time Shaolin Apprentice Warrior Training Camp starts the three-month training test with the initial 8-day and 8-night intensive training. A few Shaolin Kungfu apprentice warriors who are selected will continue to the pre-discipleship training for final Shaolin discipleship selection designed for future instructors and masters enabling them to become the next top generation of Shaolin warrior disciples.


The Shaolin Apprentices in the Discipleship program will study directly under the two descendants of the original Shaolin family, DeYang and DeRu who themselves were close disciples of the Great Grandmaster of the generation from the Shaolin Temple, China Shi SuXi.  It is a very rare opportunity for any serious martial artist or Kungfu master to study with them.


There are other two-month youth and adult summer training camps available to all levels of Kungfu or any other styles of martial artists. During these two- month-long training camps, students will have an opportunity to train at the Shaolin Temple and other institutions in China with a few other well known masters in addition to studying with the two original Shaolin Temple Family Grand Masters.


Students in the part-time Shaolin youth training camp without boarding (available to all ages) will focus on the true original Shaolin youth training experience. They may choose five weeks training in total starting from June 6. This training is also available on a week to week basis.


There will also be other Shaolin Kungfu instructors and Masters training program for qualified students. Every camp student will be given the opportunity to experience the two weeks Shaolin Pre-Disciple Warrior Training at the Shaolin Temple in China from July 17 to August 2, depending on the number of full time camp registrants.


Full & partial scholarships are available on a limited basis for those qualified candidates who meet the requirements of either academic-character scholarship or financial-character scholarship.  Please contact the Shaolin Institute for more details (contact information below).


Grand Master Shi Deru has passed down not only the knowledge of Shaolin wisdom and martial skills, but the benefits of Shaolin life skills which he is passing on to each and every student through his knowledgeable instructors. Grand Master Shi DeRu is one of the two renowned 31st Generation Descendants of the Shaolin Temple. He was introduced by China Central TV (CCTV) International Networks (sports channel 5, educational channel 10 and international Chinese channel 4) in their six film documentary series about his life:


“The Shaolin Legend Fighting Warrior Monk, Shi DeRu (Shawn Liu), The Father of Kung Fu Sanda for America”. 


Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute is directly derived from the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China which is the cradle of all martial arts, and is committed to teaching original Shaolin wisdom as has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 1,500 years.  Through the wisdom of Chan, Confucianism and Taoism combined with the discipline of traditional Kung Fu, the Shaolin Institute offers age-appropriate curriculum in: Shaolin Culture, Shaolin Kung-Fu (Gong Fu), Tai Chi (Taiji Quan), Qigong, Tai Gong (for Natural Healing) and Chan (Zen) Meditation. The mission of the institute is to empower and enlighten everyone who comes to the institute so as to assist them in conquering life’s challenges.


As Shi DeRu has expressed: “Life is not easy; To be warrior in life is even more challenging. Shaolin apprentice training here is only for those who are willing to face their fears and have the courage to rise above them.”  

Many world class Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Kungfu Sanshou/Sanda international champions have trained here at Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute.  Just mention a few of the well known names: Cung Le, a Strikeforce Champion, Patrick Barry, one of the best Heavyweight UFC Strikers in the world, Li Jie Sanda King of China and world Sanda champion, and Wael Karika Muhammed, a world Sanda champion with a MMA record of 6 wins and 0 loses, as well as many other international and national champions such as Melvin Guillard, Aaron Honeycutt, Juan Zarate, Dustin Carbajal, Robert Pritchett, Mike Altman, K.J. Noon, Kevin Nguyen, Robert Higginbotham, Li Qiang, Shi Zhong Qin, Steve Dang, Ruddi Ott, Max Chen, Albert Pope, and David Sanders.

All of these individuals have either trained professionally or started their martial arts or MMA careers here under Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeRu (Master Shawn Liu.).

For more information please contact the institute at:

Phone:770-286-9808; Email: or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Friday, 20 May 2011 18:07

Shaolin Training Camp Enrolls Youth Worldwide,  Daring Them To Meet Life’s Challenges

This summer, Shi DeRu LIU Shaolin Institute will enroll students from around the world who are willing to experience unique challenges and become a champion in life.


The Shaolin Warrior Training Camp will be directed and instructed by Grand Master Shi DeRu, 31st Generation Shaolin. CCTV Network describes the Grand Master in its 6-part documentary of him: “The Shaolin Legend Master Shi DeRu (Shawn Liu), The Father of Kung Fu Sanda for America”.  

Friday, 13 May 2011 17:36

LIU International Shaolin Institute
Shaolin Youth and Adult Summer Training Camp 2011

This is a rare opportunity for all serious Shaolin students to train with a 31st generation Shaolin Grand Master in Chan and Kung Fu.  The philosophies, wisdom and legends of the Shaolin temple will be openly shared and discussed throughout the week allowing the students to grow spiritually, physically and mentally.  You will also have a taste of Chinese Language as part of the Chinese cultural understanding.

More information can be found here

Youth Information and Forms:
Summer Youth camp info MS Word
Summer Youth registration form MS Word
Summer Youth camp info PDF Version
Summer Youth registration form PDF Version

Adult Information and Forms:

Summer Warrior camp info MS Word
Summer Warrior camp registration form MS Word
Summer Warrior camp info PDF Version
Summer Warrior camp registration form PDF Version

Saturday, 02 April 2011 19:04
LIU International Shaolin Institute Challenges the Community to “Buddy Up for a Better Body”
Fitness Buddy Contest for Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

The contest is aimed at weight loss and getting in shape. This unique contest is designed to
introduce to Americans “A Taste of Shaolin” way to lose weight and gain great fitness. Bring all
your friends and family members.

The message for this health campaign is: “I Challenge You!”

Here is your opportunity!! Three months of Cardio Kickboxing, Meditation and Nutrition
Planning and Consultation for FREE!! Pair up with a friend, spouse or even your son or
daughter and challenge yourself to a healthy mind and body for 2011.

Get healthy, lose weight, de-stress and have fun while doing it!!! As if achieving the benefits
of a healthier mind and body aren’t enough – the Winner of the “Buddy Up for a Better Body”
contest will also receive $200 and more in cash!!
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 13:59

Jan 22 night, Patrick Barry, a Shaolin Sanshou Warrior fighter defeated the dirty brawler, Joey Beltran at UFC cage “Fight for the US Troops" event. Although Pat waited the first round to measure the opponent irregular street dirty brawler’s brutal tactics, he quickly took control of the game with his pure Sanshou standing weapons “the iron legs” on the 2nd and especially the third round.  He eventually destroyed his opponent’s left leg and put his opponent to the ground.  Mr. Joey Beltran, the Brawler was never able to get back to fight before the third round ring made its last sound… 


122日晚2011年,代表少林散打的Patrick Barry帕瑞克)与著名的不守规 斗士Joey Beltran MMA在支持部队之战的大兵营UFC终极决斗)铁笼擂台上作了精彩格斗表演。 经过3个回合的激战,Patrick Barry重创对手、以技击倒对手, 一举赢得比赛, 尽显散打技术在《UFCMMA打法中的实力。充分代表了极限散打技术,展现给了更多美国和各国观众以及圈内人士,让更多的人了解并认识,散打这种技术型打法,依然进攻勇猛,防守稳健,技术全面,突出反映了少林武术的技术多样多变的特点。

这是一场高水平的UFC 技术型对战,Patrick Barry(身高5.10)在身体条件(身高臂展)不占优势的前提下,(对手Joey Beltran身高6.11)稳扎稳打,灵活运用战术。第一回合比赛,没有主动进攻一直默默寻找战机,沉着冷静,步步紧逼对手。 Patrick Barry出拳不多,更多防守反击毕竟对手臂展要大于Patrick Barry许多,但是Patrick Barry明显展示出了他技术高超的腿法,始终保持高质量的高鞭腿,多次重击对方头部。第二回合,可谓势均力敌对手在无法应对高鞭腿的同时多次采取搂抱与地上战术,搂抱之后,还用自己的脚猛力的跺Patrick Barry的脚(这是散打比赛中犯规的动作)在Patrick Barry体力透支的情况下,还以重腿还击。并且给对手重创。第三回合尤其引人注目的是Patrick Barry以强有的力高鞭腿结合低鞭腿(少林铁腿)从始至终砍击对手 对手在实在无法承受的情况下应声倒地。3个回合结束,裁判一直判定Patrick Barry获胜。至此Patrick Barry在他的散打生涯中又一次登上了领奖台,也希望Patrick Barry在今后的散打比赛中能够再次赛出风格赛出水平发扬中国武术少林瑰宝,散打……..

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